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Mealie's creations reflect her ever expanding view that the earth is a wonderful, insightful, research program to help her creative currency expand and prosper. I am constantly inspired by the people, the lands, the animals, the ocean and the city. Life is art, and I take it to heart.

"I have an obsessive need to gather and document the beauty of the earth, anatomy, traces of life and in particular, the evidence of life lived in nature. The resulting accumulation of ‘stuff’ provides me endless opportunities for artistic speculation. My interests are in inspired expression, textures and natural hues of the earth, bazaar collections and sculpting with an eclectic style."

Mealie has a professional portfolio of visual art works and collections as well as public arts and curatorial project experience.

Available for fine art commissions, murals and sculpture work - enquire at Mealie's new Studio at M-ARTS Precinct in Murwillumbah.


Zest Events International

The Zest team are specialists in creating concepts and customising events, activities and artworks that create highly memorable, entertaining and engaging experiences, yet ensuring  marketing and business objectives are achieved

Keep up with some of the best 3D creatives in the country and OS :)

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Guest artist on the wonderful TV Show ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life’ TV Series which takes you on a fabulous journey into the lives of the many wonderful artists we have here in Australia. I hope you can watch and be inspired!

Warch here www.colourinyourlife.com
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10 years after this episode I was invited to be part of the 'Where are they now series'
Link to YouTube Interview

MealieArt Studio 
Come and visit my new studio at M|Arts Precinct, 1 Brisbane St, Murwillumbah


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'REEFlection' Recycled Sculpture installation
MealieArt fine art - Ocean & Earth
MealieArt - Fine art, early days