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'REEFlection' is a replicated coral reef installation made completely from plastic waste. This work is designed to excite and hopefully provide people a space to reflect on their own behavior and relationship to the material they come across in their daily lives. REDUCE, REUSE and RE-PURPOSE before recycling.

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Plastic Installation - REEFlection :::

REEFlection - Above image is just a small selection of the full REEF created of over 4 years work on the full installation work. Showing on over 15 events which included educational workshops, artist talks and demonstrations, using plastic in creative and functional ways.

This sculpture is a series of interconnecting structures made from ordinary, everyday plastic items fashioned into a wonderland of corals and ocean creatures. The reef comprises of over 41 individual pieces and has an approximate footprint of 3x3 meters in size. - AVAILABLE FOR SALE @SWELLSculptureFestival2022

Jellyfish detail - plastic materials including spoons, plastic wiring, bottle, bowls and tubes Coral detail - manipulated water bottles and plastic items on a discarded toilet seat Coral detail - illuminated manipulated water and soda bottles