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Northern Rivers NSW - 2011 to date : :
Murwillumbah, the gateway to Mount Warning [Wollumbin] Australia’s Green Cauldron. The landscape is so unbelievably beautiful and ever changing, mountains one side and cane fields the other. Only a short distance to the north coast beaches [Kingscliffe/Byron Bay] or up into the hills to rainforests and mountains [Bangalo/Uki] with Brisbane only an hour away! I certainly have landed in paradise :)

My Gallery is an amazingly creative space - I love to have other artists share the studio with me - there is nothing better than to be inspired by each others creative energy! The next big project (among many) is to gather 6-8 other artists, spend three days designing and painting the side of the shop with a beautiful mural. The thought is to blend the magnificent boarder ranges that frame the view around the shop into the mural then get funky wth it!! I am sure the different styles and alents of everone involved will compliment natures stunning pallet.

Melbourne - 2010 : :
A new adventurous journey, one of creativity, learning and imagination. Living one year in Australia's Arts capital, how inspiring! I worked for a number of galleries and arts festivals throughout the year, gaining knowledge and inspiration for further studies. Obviously.. Brunswick Street and surrounding Fitzroy was my favourite creative place, with it's funky cafe's and boutiques, graffiti covered walls and buildings. I will miss the spectacular food, fabulous shopping and awe inspiring arts culture... but it is great to be home in the SUNSHINE State again!!!

Kuranda - Tropical Paradise - November 08 : :
Second trip to the North has confirmed my place in this magical world. Meeting the local market artists of Kuranda was a wonderful way to start. Not much time to paint and sketch this time but I have again found so much inspiration from the textures of the green and the colors of the earth. I particularly enjoyed the canopy surf - fly fox at Cape Tribs tree tops [definitely a must do]. The GBR is yet another world of discovery, which made me feel like an alien [the blue smurf suit did it] gliding in a liquid dream, with these fluorescent flashes of color darting amongst the coral gardens... wow!!

Cape Tribulation - PeaceLoveBeauty - February 08 : :

A week trip to the Queensland Tropic wonderland has rejuvenated my soul and given new inspiration to my art. Now my dreams of living in NQ may come true... I even Found... Nemo on a deserted coconut beach! ... I think my day's at Melrose Place are numbered!

Aotearoa [Land of the long white cloud] April 07 : :
Back to NZ for the first time in many years and it has had such a calming effect on me. Seeing all the places where i spent my childhood and the love I feel for my family. The purpose for my trip has been to connect with the land, the culture and arts, and to inspire to paint my 'Journey Home'.

My love of nature is definitely rooted itself within my being from being born in this breathtakingly diverse land. Returning this time has opened my heart to really see and feel this land and its culture. I was also lucky enough on the trip to be commissioned by a close friend, to paint her 'Puku' cast [a belly casting of her pregnant self]. With mum's permission, I painted little 'Hunter' on the cast while traveling around the North Island. The design was inspired by the 'Koru', the Maori symbol for new growth, new life.

Another highlight, among many, was a chance meeting of a Maori artist in a small village called Kahwia, on the East Coast of the North Island. To just sit and chat with such a renowned artist was inspiring to say the least. I was lucky enough to get some 'artist' tips and preview some of his latest works for an upcoming exhibition in an Auckland Gallery. Thank you to Malcolm, and his partner Annette, who made me feel so welcome in their home. More info on Malcolm Ingllis's work here.

Some great links to Galleries and places we visited:
Waitakaruru Arboretum and Sculpture Park
TePapa Museum of New Zealand, Wellington
L'arte - Cafe & Art Gallery, Taupo

Europe Tour June 05 : :
One of my most exciting adventures was to Central Europe. Exploring and conquering not only these countries rich in history and culture, but also enduring 30 days non stop of walking unknown cobbled pavements, zillions of stairs, skyward crook necks, umpteen near misses from crazed scooter and tram drivers and not to mention the vertigo from church scaffold climbing and the ICE Train speed demon. What a blast! An awesome experience, and one of the highlights of my merger existence so far.

One of the most inspiring sights for me was the 'KunstHausWien' - Vienna. Designed and built by the most fascinating and creative man, - Austrian artist, Frederich Hundertwasser. Check it out!

It was especially nice to encounter locals and other travelers along the way. These will be memorable and lasting friendships for sure! Some of the sites and places are captured here in my pics (under Europe).

Australia is an extremely young land compared, but a beaut place to call home, and yes, you do miss Vegemite!

Tour date : 20 June - 14 July 2005
Itinerary : Kuala Lumpar - Malaysia | Amsterdam - Netherlands | Frankfurt - Germany | Prague - Czech | Vienna - Austria | Budapest - Hungary | Rome - Italy | Zurich - Switzerland | Kuala Lumpar | BrisVega

Sedona, USA 02 : :
My first OS trip was to Sedona, Arizona US. On this journey I was lucky enough to be exposed to some of the most creative Artists and Galleries and inspired beyond belief by an awesome display of nature, red rock formations, unreal landscapes and Sedona's world-famous *vortex power spots... I particulary loved the desert landscapes with it's freeky giant cactus skeletons and Buddah beach, which was like a playground for humans to create their own bazzar landscape...

*Vortexes are found all around the world... Macchu Picchu, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Lourdes, to name a few. They are electromagnetic pulse lines of the planet that come to the surface like underwater rivers surface to form geysers and springs. The effects of power spots are not so readily apparent to the senses as they play upon the more subtle perceptions of heart and soul. Like a magnet will line up metal filings, a vortex will bring our emotional and spiritual bodies into alignment with the heartbeat of the planet.

No one who goes to Sedona with a pure heart seeking spiritual growth will leave empty-handed and I certainly gained much from my experience!

"When your heart issues that call to pilgrimage and you answer and go to a place with great natural energy like Sedona, you receive cellular level stimulation, awakening.

Entering with a child-like sense of awe, heart wide open, and simply being alive and fully present in the moment opens a direct connection to all of Creation, which shamans call a state of ecstatic union. If you can feel this even for a moment, it will change your life forever." - a story that captures the essence of a sacred journey.

USA : :
Sedona Mountains
[ Sedona, Arizona USA ]

[ Buddah Beach, Arizona USA ]

[ Grand Canyon, Arizona USA ]

France : :

[ Fourvière, France ] 

[ Lyon, France ]



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Amsterdam Houses Amsterdam Airport Canal Reflection
Typical Amsterdam Canal Canal Life Rijks Museum Art
[ Amsterdam, Netherlands ]

Prague House Inside St Vitu's Cathedral Charle's Bridge
Astronomical Clock Prague St Viets Cathedral St Vitu's Cathedral - Prague Castle
[ Prague, Czech Republic ]

Parlament House Vienna St Peters Platz Inside St Peters Platz
Goya to Picasso exhibition KunstHausWien Vienna statue
[ Vienna, Austria ]

Budapest Casino building Fishermans Bastian House in Budapest  Palace Precinct
Lion Head - Chain Bridge Parlament House Budapest Chain Bridge Budapest
[ Budapest, Hungary]